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  • Benefits for companies
  • Short-term availability of fresh capital.
  • Flexible repayment.
  • Duration 1 month to several years
  • No current account credit necessary.
  • Use of discount.
  • Improved liquidity.
  • Fast response to new orders.

Personal loan rates New Hampshire

Under the term bridging money falls the state support of previous employees, in the case of start-up. Behind this is the idea of ​​offering as many people as possible an alternative to threatened or existing unemployment. Bridging money is applied for and paid by the Employment Agency. In order to seek government assistance in setting up a business, an applicant must meet certain conditions.

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The right to a transitional allowance is borne by workers who, in order to avoid or terminate unemployment, take up self-employment as a main source of income. For these basic conditions apply:

The beginning of self-employment must be directly linked to unemployment. An application for transitional allowance is possible up to a maximum of 30 days after termination of unemployment benefits.

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There must be a real chance of success for future self-employment. A confirmation from a competent authority is required. An indication of whether a self-employment is on firm footing, there is a mandatory business plan. This describes the company comprehensively and shows both market opportunities and risk factors. A sales forecast for the next 3 years completes the overall picture.

Best personal loan rates New Hampshire

As a rule, there is a right to a transitional allowance over a period of 6 months. Certain circumstances may result in a reduction in the amount and duration of benefits.

Amount of promotion

Transitional allowance is provided by the Employment Agency. The amount of future benefits depends on the expected or previously paid unemployment benefit and the associated social security contributions. These are calculated individually for each applicant.

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If self-employment has already been promoted in the past, at least 24 months must elapse before the start of a new funding period. Funding is not possible if an existing employment relationship is terminated by mutual consent and directly transferred to self-employment

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The state bridging money or the start-up subsidy came in 2006 instead of the popular and well-known funding form.

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– What uses does a personal loan offer?

A personal loan can be used for a variety of purposes. Here is a small overview:

  • Interim financing of credits within the framework of mortgage lending.
  • Interim financing of credits for consumption requests.
  • Financing for craft businesses to buy materials.
  • Financing for study and further education.
  • Financing from cars to old vehicles is sold.

– Do business start-ups need a business plan when applying for bridging money?

In order to get support for starting a business, the business idea has to be analyzed in detail and in detail. A business plan is necessary. This must be checked by a competent body, such as a management consultancy or the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Industry). A business plan contains all the relevant information about the company. A detailed description of the business operations, sales forecasts, risk assessments and a market analysis are components of a business plan. The bridging allowance and its regulations were merged on 1 August 2006, with the hitherto applicable I-AG provision (start-up grant), to form the start-up grant.

– Which entrepreneurs are eligible for bridging money?

It does not matter in which industry a self-employed or freelancer generates his income. However, proof of permission to do the work may be required. An example would be the concession for a taxi company.

Short Loan – fast and easy fresh money

Especially people in the low-wage sector know the problem. The end of the month and the following next paycheck is still far away, but the current account balance is almost completely used up. Pending bills or even necessary expenses for living expenses can not be paid anymore. There are a number more occasions where short-term financing may be needed. However, to make urgent purchases and close the obvious funding gap, an overdraft or installment loan is usually available at a bank.

Best personal loans New Hampshire

However, overdrafts are expensive, and for many consumers simply not feasible. Often due to past irregularities for a variety of reasons, one or more negative features are present at the interested rate or other credit bureaus. Negative entries significantly deteriorate the creditworthiness of a bank customer, thus lacks the necessary creditworthiness to grant an overdraft or instant loan. In these cases, it is possible to obtain sufficient liquidity with a so-called short loan. This is characterized by its fast availability, a low loan amount and an extremely short repayment period.

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