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Credit organizations (banks and payday loans) primarily look at the credit history of future consumers, and only then make a decision. What is a credit history? This is a list of all executable loan obligations. It is stored in the credit bureau. Such information comes from all institutions that provide loans to the public. Materials are stored for 10 years. In most countries, BCHs collect information on insurance premiums, payments for housing and public utilities, and even services of mobile operators. Fortunately, this is not practiced in our state.

Now on the territory of USA there are 3 credit bureaus functioning:

  • American Bureau of Credit Histories;
  • First All-American Bureau of Credit Histories;
  • International Credit Bureau.

Information held by the credit bureaus can greatly change the decision on granting a new loan. Based on the materials provided, credit scoring is conducted. In simple terms, the bank evaluates credit porridge.

Factors Affecting Credit History

The reasons for which you risk a refusal:
  • availability of open loans;
  • return of borrowed funds ahead of time. This indicator indicates that the transaction for the bank will not be profitable, because you can not earn;
  • delay in payment of alimony;
  • the existence of a number of deferments for the payment of a loan for a period of 5-30 days;
  • court proceedings and criminal cases.

If you once had a bad credit history, do not rush to put a cross on yourself. This is not a verdict! Many payday loan organizations lend money without paying attention to credit history. However, always transmit information to the credit history. Most borrowers use this opportunity to later take a large loan from the bank, since some past mistakes can be corrected with a couple of repaid loans on time.

You can apply for financial assistance in unsecured bad credit loans. Even if you have a bad credit history. Our company has much less requirements for such a reputation than in other banking structures. Compared to banks, we only need a passport and TIN for receiving money. Without any liens, guarantors and extracts. Fill out an application on the site, 15 minutes of waiting and after approval of the loan the funds are already at your disposal. The service runs smoothly 24/7/365.

Do you  need a loan with bad credit?

There are quite a few borrowers with bad credit history who are inconvenienced because they have not been able to return the debt at the right time in the past. However, in life a lot of things can happen, we can always understand you. The procedure for obtaining an online loan is quite simple and does not take you much time. You can repay the loan in several ways – in cash at the branches, using the self-service terminal, and also directly through our website by credit card.

Cash loans

If you prefer “live communication”, and the service on the Internet makes you mistrust, visit the offices of “Your Security”, our staff will advise you and help you fill out an application. The order of action is the same as in the online service. Your loyalty to your credit history is identical to that of online lending. Remember that you should have your passport and code. With a positive response, you will have borrowed finance after 15 minutes. When you contact us again, it will take only 5 minutes to approve the application.

Terms and benefits of quick loans bad credit.

Best loans bad credit is one of the most famous companies in the open spaces of USA. It is the speed and availability of loan processing that allows us to replenish our customer base with new names every minute. Thanks to your positive reviews, we were able to capture the top spots in the microcredit market. To increase the level of comfort, we are constantly trying to increase the network of branches. Our branches are represented in all major cities of our country.

The word “microcredit” means the optimal loan size, which is issued exclusively in the national currency and amounts to 15 thousand for a period of up to 30 days. Our clients can be employed persons of the age category 18-71, having a residence permit in the territory of USA.

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